Reading Included Instructions Saves on Cleanups

I acquired this Cuisinart TOB-195 after reading numerous, numerous reviews on this one and some of my other favorites. I determined on this one after determining this product had the best client approval with only a twosome cons. Also my other very popular had several reviews saying it apprehended blaze and stop working after 8 months. express gratitude you other reviewers for keeping me from having to find that out the hard way. It does cook as they state perfectly-everything comes out juicy even things like pullet breast that can be dry.

But you should" read the directions on rack placement and recall to use the very significant tip-to put in 1/4 cup water in drip pan before preparing food on it and don't use foil. It keeps down the grease collection and spatters so effectively no cleanup of the oven after. Plus have to recall to leave doorway ajar when broiling. I have been completely joyous with how everything has arrive out in it and was worth the additional cash. The old saying-when are you ever regretful you acquired the best definitely applies here.

Now as far as the cons-burning your hand on the doorway when opening-hold the handle palm up and will avert this from occurrence and the other con I saw recorded often was the crumb platter pulling out from the back-because of the dimensions -is not a difficulty as most counters will effortlessly accommodate rotating it around to remove and very very simple to do. To me both of these are no brainers when you weigh it against all the positives that this Cuisinart boasts.

They were selling this at BB&B for 179. and with the 20% off coupon paid the same and didn't have to delay for consignment. Otherwise Amazon had the best price and see they have lowered the cost further since I looked at it previous. Will revise subsequent if I find any flaws but can't see any at this issue. Does everything pledged and does it well.Hope this reconsider helps somebody as I have been helped by other ones in the past.

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